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Art Designers and Craftsman use these ecommerce platforms in Canada

Are you trying to start an ecommerce? Then you need to know that the platform that you choose will make all the difference in how your ecommerce will work as well as how it will look, so before you even start thinking about the design you need to read this article and see which functionalities you are looking for. Bellow we are actually going to go a bit more in depth into some of the top ecommerce platforms that you can work with in Canada, so definitely keep reading until the end and take some notes.


This is a relatively new platform, especially when compared to some of the other platforms we’ll be talking about on this list, but it is actually an option can be compared to some of the top names in the business such as BigCommerce and Shopify. This platform even has the upper hand in some cases, for example in the customization area where it even beats Shopify which is known to be a pretty customizable option. When working with this platform you will be able to get into and have control of pretty much every aspect of your business which will allow you to create specifically for your target audience and to give them the best shopping experience possible. LemonStand is particularly great when it comes to SEO because there is on-page and off-page SEO that will give you the necessary insight that will help you improve your page.


This is another of the ecommerce platforms that are not that well known in Canada, but seeing as how it is incredibly feature rich this is an amazing option. Something that is amazing about this platform is the fact that there are no transaction fees and it offers some mobile front and back-end, which isn’t really common to find. This platform also has an entire suite that is filled with web store related services like marketing on social media platforms or SEO which is available to you and could definitely come in handy. The pricing on this platform is a bit outdated in the sense that every plan has a limitation of how many visitors you can have on your ecommerce at one time and it also limits the amount of products that you can have on there. The largest amount of visitors you can have is 500.000 at a time but that will cost you a whopping $499.99 a month.


This is a platform that is incredibly famous and that is confirmed by the fact that this is the second most used shopping cart in the word. This is a platform that offers you cart recovery and it does that at the cheapest price compared to other platforms because this feature comes at only $15 a month and if you are only looking to test the platform, this is the only plan that you will need. It is a limited plan in terms of customers and data usage, but it will still give you all of the necessary features to get started, while also not breaking the bank. If you are looking for some really professional features, then the Pro plan is what you need and it will give you those professional features for $75 a month.

Before you even choose the right ecommerce platform for you, you should definitely take a good look at your business and see which features you are looking for because that will make finding the right platform much easier. We hope that this article was helpful to you and that seeing some of the top ecommerce platforms in Canada has made your choice of which platform to use for your own ecommerce much easier.

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